Tuesday, 3 June 2014


"Always remember
That boys will not find your abandonment issues
That you are too lovely for them to
Love completely
That when you see him move you are
Watching a car
Before it slam-crashes into your
That you will want to feign fawn
That he will say "he did that to you?
Kill him"
He won't
That he will smell the ache,
Put his hands in its hiding place
& tear,
Rise from all the dark with a wide-open
To swallow the blood that now bursts
There forever
Remember that here is love &
Here is the water
& this is the way you fall into it:
Imagining an abyss of ever-ready
Arms to be
Where there are teeth
Remember that monsters
Are not as make believe
As they are bone-breaking,
The seas don’t want you to breathe;
They blacken.”

- Kayla Day